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 Withdrawal as Counsel & Investor Relations

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PostWithdrawal as Counsel & Investor Relations

Ladies & Gentlemen,Please note that I am withdrawing as Counsel & Investor relations effective upon this posting. In defense of Luis, please note building a business is tough. Luis has been putting this together for over 6 months since I came along. The most difficult part of any business is having sufficient working capital to address expenses, costs, and payroll. As everyone knows, most businesses FAIL within the 1st three years due to 10 reasons. 1 through 9 being UNDERCAPITALIZATION. Number ten being MISMANAGMENT. Luis contacted each of you on oDesk or Guru hoping to extend his limited budget as far as possible. But the reality is, growth takes money. And without sufficient capital it becomes a juggling act to determine how these limited funds will be utilized. Although my rate was only a VERY SMALL FRACTION of my normal $500 to $750 per hour transactional attorney rate, Luis really seeks and requires a paralegal who is willing to work for $10 (or) $15 per hour; so that he can extend his budget as far as possible until he can secure proper working capital. In the mean time, it is what it is, and he is trying to manage everything the best he can. Given Luis is always posting for positions on Guru and oDesk, I am positive this void will be filled quickly. Without my license, since Florida requires anyone who is managing real estate to be licensed in Florida, what must be addressed as quickly as possible; to avoid any civil or criminal liability being imposed upon each of you, new counsel will be neccessary. Not to mention there is a lot of work to be done. Besides all the legal work in applying for and securing working capital through Grants, Government loans, raising private funds, the business plan needs to be completed and finalized. A company policies & procedures manual needs to be developed. If raising private funds a Private Placement Memorandum must be drafted. Federal & State filings must be made. Almost everything a business transacts in requires some level of legal review to maintain and be in legal compliance and/or protect business interests. And being internet based, the rules become a little more involved and complex. Hence the Confidentiality & Non-compete Contract. Unfortunately, most of this work requires more than the current budget can provide for. Although the original and current posting states 10 hours per week, the actual budget allowed for less than 2 hours per week. So the only viable option was to withdraw so a $10-$15 paralegal could be used until an improved budget could be raised. Again, Luis is doing the best he can given his budget limitations. In closing, good luck to all of you.
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Withdrawal as Counsel & Investor Relations :: Comments

Re: Withdrawal as Counsel & Investor Relations
Post on Thu Jul 21, 2011 4:21 am by jamesbradley
You are correct. I forgot to terminate the oDesk account. I will do that immediately. I noticed you avoided answering the question; which you raised by thye way, about how I should deal with the Cents account and how to settle? As for any new work, as I described before, my normal rate for domestic corporate transaction work; such as reviewing, editing and drafting agreements, international corporate transaction work being an even higher hourly rate, is $500 per hour. It seemed my $50/hour was taken for granted and unappreciated. However, I will still help you on this 1 situation if you will overnight a check by FEDEX, UPS, USPS Express Mail to: James Bradley 3523 McKinney Ave, #405 Dallas, TX 75204 for $200.00, I will review the agreement within 24 hours of receipt of said $200 check. I wish you luck on all your endeavors.
Response to Legal director
Post on Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:03 am by luie1177
James thank you for your guidance and leadership, Good Faith Property Management is in a better position today because of you. Your postings will be a part of the company forever and your influence will stay even longer then that. What James wrote is correct we should all take time to read it over when we need to refocus.
Contract review
Post on Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:52 am by luie1177
Thank you for the email I just noticed that the "cents auction market" wasn't fully view-able by all members of the forum but now it is. You know the contract between Good Faith Group and yourself hasn't be termed yet. So was wondering if you would review this contract that was recently submitted by Mr Michael Hubschman he is going to be our listed agent in Florida to qualify Good Faith Property Management LLC as a firm practicing real estate.

Withdrawal as Counsel & Investor Relations

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