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 Planting seeds and watching them grow!

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PostPlanting seeds and watching them grow!

I would like to suggest that we might consider a contest or drawing for earning cents that could be used to purchase shares in a company that we are helping to build together at some future date. It is important that all of us contribute ideas to this site and start to become "friends" with each other on this site and join together as a team. This will earn all of us "cents". Collaboration is the key to success for this business model as there is strength in the unity of everyone in the team. All of us have value and can contibute a lot to the success of the company. Let's get out there and be a winner!
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Planting seeds and watching them grow! :: Comments

I couldn't agree more
Post on Sat Jul 02, 2011 7:34 am by luie1177
The Cents on each members account will be considered when our company goes public at some future time. As Larry mentioned it's important that we become friends and use the forum's features to the fullest. To send friendship requests to each other first click the "profile" on the navigation bar, then click on the "friends and Foes" there you will find the invitation tool and/or any requests for friends. Every friend you get gives you cents. the following are 3 ways to make or lose cents.

1. Posting a topic on any blog will gain you 1 cent.
2. commenting on someone's post will get you 1 cent.
3. Any one who votes "thanks" using the icon will reward the poster 3 cents. anyone who votes + on your post will add a cent to your account, like wise anyone who votes - will subtract from your account. these symbols are located on the upper right hand corner of the post.

Cents can be traded in the "cents auction market" for $$$$ (there is an offer to buy as of this post)

Cents will allow you to vote on any topics up for vote (budget, direction, members, etc.) and the amount of cents will be your weight on the vote. The idea here is that we all contribute quality posts to moving the company froward to profitability. I hope to see your participation in these features.


Planting seeds and watching them grow!

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