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 The vision for the company

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PostThe vision for the company

According to Robert Kyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad the business has five major components. That make up what e call the Business and Investment Triangle. I will sum up the blocks of the pyramid briefly from the top working my way down.

The Product; In our case this is the management services we provide to real estate investment owners. Financial reports, worry free and professional services.

Legal; This includes contracts, leases, disclosures, amendments, etc

Systems; This consists of Apartment is up for rent > start marketing > qualify prospective tenant > Create a move out report > rinse and repeat. That's just an example of what business do, like McDonalds.

Communication; Our communication to tenants to inform of changes, marketing to new clients, employess. Having meetings, blogging, almost anything and everything that has to do with communicating to markets, each other, etc.

Cash Flow; The budget for our company is around $1,400 for payroll, last month all rental payments were made on time and looks like we will be posting in public our balance sheet and Cash flow statement.

Serrounding the triangle is a band with the words Leadership, Mission (at the base) and Team. In our company those of us who show leadership are the ones who communicate and make things happen. Our renters hand book for the property we manage in Fort Lauderdale is a form of leadership that Larry Allen is completing.

Our Mission statement VERY IMPORTANT

Using Good Faith business principals such as integrity, trust, and loyalty, we are focused on building successful, mutually beneficial relationships between our Investors, Guests, and Members.

We must all be aligned with and believe it deep in our hearts, if you can't remember it then maybe you should ask your self if you really want to succeed.

And as a team we can make this all happen, are you a team player? I want to let everyone know that I believe we have what it takes to win. Our tenants will enjoy everyday what we provide them. Our property owners will be satisfied or our existence is questionable, we will all benefit by knowing each other because we know we can depend on each other.

After reading this post ask yourself, can we make a difference? Are we in a business that can thrive and create this triangle? Are we all making our best effort to creating this pyramid of support?

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Re: The vision for the company
Post on Wed Jun 01, 2011 1:52 am by shihab03
thanks for the information.
Re: The vision for the company
Post on Tue May 31, 2011 7:24 pm by tropicpc
Great info!
Re: The vision for the company
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The vision for the company

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