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PostInternet Marketing

Please see attachment for the Internet Marketing Proposal.

From my point of view, the Goals of Internet Marketing:

1. To provide maximum exposure for the company and its services in the leading search engines, thus promoting TRAFFIC.

2. To capture the visits/hits generated by the traffic into leads through landing pages or squeeze pages with effective CALL to ACTION.

3. To establish the captured connection/relationship of the company with its future clients through online newsletters and social networks.

4. To finally create that sale. Study shows that only after the 7th connection established with a probable client will that client actually buy.

The online clients of today, only learn to trust internet marketing after establishing a connection or a relationship with the company or person or product. Whether that be through a website, through sponsored ads, newsletters or blog posts, wall posts, IM, PM, that provides information, and answers the question "why should I trust you?" or "why should I buy your product?" or "what is the compelling reason to buy you?"

If you believe this is true or not believe it is true, i'd like to hear from you.

You will receive FREE internet marketing advice if you do so leave me a comment below or send me a private message.

Either way, I will respond.
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Re: Internet Marketing
Post on Fri Apr 08, 2011 2:07 am by luie1177

I have to say running into such a passionate, and focused individual gives me the motivation I need on some of the most complacent of times. Jeanette thank you for your contribution and good luck you are a super star.

As for your proposal please post some numbers on the board for review. Good Faith’s current budget is $200 a month for marketing but I think internet marketing will be a substantial portion of that amount. There is a current opportunity with to buy leads that have a 10% or so conversion rate and each lead is $20 so by my estimates that puts the costs of each new client at $200. What are the area’s you will be focused on? Facebook? Twitter? And how exactly will this bring prospects for

1. Property Owners

2. Licensed Real estate professionals

3. Vendors

4. Tenants

Can you potentially provide focused results for just one of these prospects, say… Tenants? If you have some kind of downloadable or professional format that would be great. I will contact some of the members that are not frequent visitors to vote on the proposal.

I look forward to putting up a proposal that we can vote on. The forum has voting module that great for when considering proposals and this would be a great test for the module. After we receive the proposal and if there is enough voting support then we will use your services. Hope all turns out well for you and good luck.

Re: Internet Marketing
Post on Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:18 am by Jeanette
I would say to focus on FACEBOOK for these target market. Then do TWITTER later on.

We can target each of this clients to test the waters within and at the same time turn those visits into LIKES(means connections):

1. Set-up your FACEBOOK page (for each target market) with new, fun logo and welcome page design that will invite the guests to CLICK LIKE.

2. Set-up a sponsored FACEBOOK advertising within let's say $5 budget per day. The advertisement will contain a catch 'CLICK LIKE and get the chance to win an Ipad' or 'CLICK LIKE and get a $10 home depot coupon!' or something of that nature.

As they click that sponsored ad, they will have to click LIKE on our page so we can connect them to your facebook page. Clicking LIKE on your page means we can post on their walls (depending on their setting) and we can send them messages update them of events... etc.

3. Now that we have the sponsored ads building up your fan page. We need to BUILD THAT TRUST, STRENGTHEN THE CONNECTION, one by giving them their prize of course. And two, by sending out useful information(news, tips, tricks, rental properties available, etc.) to them like up to 2-3 times in separate times everyday. And so hopefully they will continue to LIKE and COMMENT on those information and so their friends who sees what they like may also like those information your page sends out... which now becomes the VIRAL EFFECT of facebook which will also build up your FAN page for your future clients.

4. Your Business Fan page may also NETWORK with other business pages as a way to connect. The fan page must also be actively NETWORKING with like business. Offering advices and information by posting comments and clicking like in other pages. And so being known in the industry. Thus will grow your fan base page.

I'll do number1 and 2 for $200 this includes the facebook page, the profile picture, page design, and sponsored advertising set-up and everything stated in #1&2.

You will still be responsible for the sponsored advertising fee within facebook. And the networking part of #3&4 can be done by a Virtual Assistant which I believe you have already and I can just orient her on how to do the networking part.

The goal is to always be visible in the wall of our prospective clients. Coz we will be competing with their friends and their other interests.... so the more active we are as a page, the more we interact with our prospective clients. And the more that we instill in them who we are.

I can also provide the Virtual Assistant for $250/month.

I believe this is where we can start, because the clients are in facebook and facebook is mostly in the news. Most popular.
Re: Internet Marketing
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Internet Marketing

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