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Tenant Eduction Course 101

This is a free course that helps families better navigate the rental process.

Through this course you will ensure you become a responsible renter by learning how to:

  • How to manage money resources wisely to pay rent on time every month.
  • How to choose adequate, safe and affordable housing.
  • How to communicate effectively.
  • How to maintain a home.
  • How to navigate the rental process — screening, lease agreements, security deposits and moving out.

This course is free and takes about an hour to complete. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate.

Are you in a public assistance program? This course counts as one hour of job/life skills training. This course will provide an overview of the tools and strategies you need to navigate the rental process and securing housing. Finding and keeping a home, rental or otherwise, is an important step in maintaining a stable home environment. A stable home is an important factor in keeping employment and building a solid job history. See other Educational Offerings for People who Receive Public Assistance.

How do I get started?

Please follow these simple instructions:

  • Apply on the form below
  • Set appointment for course
  • Download the study guide HERE
  • Show up to course on time

The course is free, You can access and return to the course as often as needed.

Good Faith Landlord Guarantee.

Those students that complete the course successfully are eligible for the Good Faith Landlord Guarantee. That reimburses any landlord who's tenant is a successful graduate of the program by paying the landlord 1 months worth of rent if the tenant has been evicted from the rental property.

You Should Attend This Course If.

  • Your denied a rental application
  • Low credit score prevents you from Renting or Buying