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I'd like to share an idea over a blockchain token that can be used for real estate management purposes. The token can represent value to property owners, rights holders, Tenants, vendors, neighbors, and any other party that may find value in it. Used to create a transparent ledger public to the internet to track exchanges. The token may be exchanged for nightly stays (in the form of time) at any of our managed real estate properties. This site can be used to showcase properties that use the token as a form of exchange. This could be done in the for of an app and connected IOT door lock device....
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Block-chain is a technological innovation of Bitcoin. Further, it is a public ledger of all Bitcoin transactions that have ever been executed. The technology works by adding blocks containing a new set of recordings in a linear, chronological order. A client that validates and relays transactions gets a copy of the block-chain automatically downloaded upon joining the Bitcoin network. In the Republic of Georgia’s National Agency of Public Registry, Bitcoin mining company BitFury together with a renowned economist Hernando DeSoto have partnered to plan and pilot a block-chain land titling...
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We all have to live in rented houses and apartments till we finally save up enough money to buy one of our own. Not that there is any great problem in living in a rented apartment. But there is always that niggling feeling that this is not our own place; that it belongs to somebody else. You cannot make any long term modifications in the house. Making major renovations are out of the question. You do not even have the desire to invest in that perfect couch merely because carrying it around from one rented apartment to another would be such a bother.

Receiving a phone call or email from...
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For a successful business, it is very necessary to advertise various products and services that are provided so that the customers can have a look at these products and then choose according to their tastes and preferences. By advertising, the business unit gains popularity and the overall growth is dependent on it as it contributes in increasing the level of profit.

It's important to remember that for efficiently finding the right tenant for your property starts with the advertising post. Tenant that respond to the advertisement most already be qualified by what the advertisement states....
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Going to start a "sort of" crowdfunding campaign to kick of the new year. It's a project that I've been contemplating and will bring added value to the clients of our service. Basically we have built a funding platform that can be use to facilitate and lower the cost of funding for any real estate project.
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Amazing data from on rent rates shows rising prices for over a year across many cities in the US, and house prices still falling, but the tide has to turn sometime. The notion that it is better to buy then to rent will soon force lots of people back to home buying and with lower house prices who can blame them. But when? that’s the 100 million dollar question.

Historically the last time there was such a widening gap between the Home Price Index (S&P Case Shiller) and The Rent index as per the CPI numbers was Q1/1989 That lasted up to Q4/1996 and when it was all said and done...
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%10 percent of the successful people out there are succeeding because their using a system, a proven method of doing something that yields predictable results. My short run goal right know is to purchase a multi-family unit with in the next 6 months and gradually build my own rental property portfolio to where I can focus more on education, business building and writing ..

Now about my experiences, the bulk of my 7 year experiences has centered around being an investor first. Even before buying my first rental property I was actively investing in REITs. I realized a certain ambition...
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While the new year brought exciting new relationships with GFPM some most part ways. The property management business can be like speed dating. Sometimes you get along and some times you don't. Although plagued with vendor disputes and discontinued relationships, we have grown revenue substantially for February and March will be our highest grossing month ever. I'm looking froward to serving out new clients with exceptional service.
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In a search of more feedback and the implimentation of a data system at good faith I have sent a questioner to our recent prospect thanking her for her time and asking her to answer our survey.
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Sometimes there comes a time when residents of
your rental property don't comply with the terms set forth on the lease
and as a landlord you have no choice but to evict. Non payment of rent
is a major reason why landlords evict tenants and this blog post is
dedicated to the current eviction process we will be undergoing at one
of our rentals. Recently one of our residents was not able to pay the
rent for unclear reasons and due to continues and unsuccessful
attempts to communicate the importance of paying we have delivered the
3-day notice at 5:30pm...
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I've notice that most applicants in south Florida are predominantly seeking renal housing for 1 of 2 reasons. 1. ether they have lost their home to foreclosure or 2. They were previously renting where the property is being foreclosed on. A casual browse through my twitter account has revealed this link. >>

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Dynamic Real Estate Assistance & Management a property management company focused on helping Investors in acquisition and sales of investment real estate. My meeting with Jonathan Teboul was extremely positive and I look froward to working together in the future with the firm.
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I'd like to welcome Brian Nelson and The Astra Condo Association to the Good Faith Property Management LLC group. We are proud to be at service for the the association members and are committed on bringing open communication and exceeding expectations. As a young focused company with a mission to our clients of; Using Good Faith business principals such as integrity, trust, and loyalty, we are focused on building successful, mutually beneficial relationships between our Investors, Guests, and Members.

Good Faith Group will never be in a position to compromise service for profits because...
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It's been over 20 leads now and not one contract, it is best that we take some time and reflect on what it is that's going wrong and why it is so difficult to convert a potential prospect into a client. I have enlisted the help of some close friends in Sales that may be able to help convert our prospects into clients.
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Good Faith Property Management will be conducting a quarterly blog report posting on July 27, 2011. The agenda; recent news, financial standings, the state of the company.
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If anyone see's online anywhere etc.. Someone that might be interested in this position please send them this link. The blog allows you to share this post using any means facebook, twitter, etc.

Rental Property management Sales Coordinator

Sales Coordinator

SCOPE: The sales coordinator position will be responsible for assembling coordinating, and supporting the sales team. The sales coordinator will be responsible...
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This is a video chat between Vinil Ramdev sometimes my visions work faster then my words.
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It was a pleasure meeting with Eric and Brian today, board members of Astria Condominium association. My first impression were of two intelligent individuals concerned with getting priorities in order, and organization to their association.

It would be a pleasure to welcome their association members to the good faith group forum and look froward to serving their members with confidence and commitment.

The property is a spacious well designed development and the choice of greenery gives it a mini "oasis in the desert" feel. Pleasurable and quaint the area is complimented...
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Once upon a time there was a cooperation of a group of people that believed that providing housing for others should be a fair and honest exchange that benefit all parties effected, even those not included in the original transaction. With that Good Faith Group was formed, a small group of individuals lead by a dreamer. Good Faith Group today serves 3 housing guests, 1 property owner, and a hand full of vendors, employees, and members. This will hopefully give the story some more logic.

In order to create a measurable indicator of trust within The Good Faith Group our website...
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The forum is a virtual office where we can come together comment and discuss what's on our mind and business. The only hours available for compensation purposes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 12pm (noon) - 5pm. No work done outside of these hours will be permitted. Also you must be logged into this site in order to be paid. The site will track attendance and you are expected to clock in and out using the "add event" link, on the calendar. If you have any questions please contact me directly.
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According to Robert Kyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad the business has five major components. That make up what e call the Business and Investment Triangle. I will sum up the blocks of the pyramid briefly from the top working my way down.

The Product; In our case this is the management services we provide to real estate investment owners. Financial reports, worry free and professional services.

Legal; This includes contracts, leases, disclosures, amendments, etc

Systems; This consists of Apartment is up for rent > start marketing > qualify prospective tenant >...
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There are two very important statistics on this report,

  • Topics per day
  • Posts per day

They can be calculated by dividing "Topics per day/number of membership days".

Below is an example copied from a member’s Statistics.

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Each member of this forum has a "cents account" associated with their profile.
(Click here to follow the account's record keeping.)

Q: What are the Cents for?
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This link takes you to the division of corporations for the state of Florida. There you will find the registration of Good Faith Property Management that, I'm pleased to say is officially an LLC. There is a position available for a company marketer who can generate prospective tenants, Property...
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Luis, you stated last week you changed the hourly to $50. I was surprised to find out you never did as you promised. Please explain? J.Bradley
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All is in place to welcome our two new tenant-guestes, after what seems to be some technical issues with Transunion's but some fancy foot work by Susan Levesque avoided what could have been a long and drawn out application process. Another area to ponder is orientating tenant-guests to our community, policies, and procedures. Another issue arose with tenant-guests requests and tenant-guests that would like to conduct all communication using a web enabled phone.

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- Revised Budget V2
- Posted Job on for new assistant
- Created new logo

To do:
- Create Owner and Tenant Statements on

- Mail out debit cards to department head
- Register company as LLC with Texas Sec of State
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After much work on the Budget (and despite the help of a CFO) I have created a revenue forecast that can be referred to when needed. The following budget/proforma with be in the business plan that I'm happy to say is almost ready for first version release in the near future. This will give us a reference point when conducting operations as Good Faith Property Management and will be a template for our future plans as a publicly traded company. I will also like to explain some of the line items of the budget starting with of course the income.

Account Number Reason for funds
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The questiion was presented which state is best to incorporate? More specifically when the ultimate goal is to become publicly traded. The answer [as a former licensed investment banker and now a securities attorney] is 1 of 3 states in order of preference, Texas, Nevada and Delaware. These are the 3 best "business friendly states. Considering Texas created the LLC, and considering Texas has more Fortune 500 Companies than all the other states combined, it is no question which state is preferred by public companies. This is due to no state income tax, and very favorable franchise taxes. Its also...
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If capitalizing a management company first then becoming a REIT is the mission what’s our next move? I was thinking of where would the optimal location be to register a property management company, as an LLC? Eventually it will become a subsidiary of a corporation that manages the funds based on a REIT structure. Eventually as the company manages the funds of the property owners (the owner’s trust account) where is the best state to incorporate that? Making the process from start-up to publicly traded more efficient. As for documentation, If as a company we have a fiduciary responsibility to...
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[b]What a great tool this forum is to bringing Ideas to life the business plan is brilliant and I'd like to give a special thank you to Larry Allen and everyone involved as we hammer out the project.[/b]
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This documents outlines the services deemed Permissible Activities by the Florida business department of licensing and regulation.

The department's website is found here >>
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Just wanted to share conversation between Me and a local property manager in my area.

Hello I'm interested to hear more about your ideas. I'd like to open a property management company.

Luis Rojas



I would be glad to help you with opening your property management company. Wh...

Feb 24 (1 day ago)
Feb 24 (1 day ago)
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Here is the new company operating system please visit and sign to the demo version.

[b] I've been emailing legal advisiors with this question.[/b]

I would like to act as a property manager for clients but I don't have a real estate license can I enter into a lease agreement with the property owner, have equitable interest in the property there for act like a property manager?
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I've come across a very interesting resource online that will be a model for taking Good Faith Group through a second level funding campaign. the site [url=][/url] has a great plan for taking a property management company to the next level of becoming a REIT, particularly interesting is the portion of the article that says [quote]Most start-up or early stage REITs organize and capitalize a Management Company first. Some may elect...
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I’d like to follow the same guidelines that are on this document to structure the corporation.

How easy can this happen? I’m going to send an email with this link to these attorneys offices maybe we can start a discussion. Also look at this funding campaign I just started lets see if...
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Image hosted by

This is the new company logo I hope every one likes it. This is what I'm going to use for our funding campaigns and every online representation of the company thank you guys for your support. Many new members have been added There will be exciting events posted in the future please stick around to review our business plan, financial funding road map, and financials. Welcome to the newest...
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Today I contacted two very individuals that can be very beneficial to the future of our company. Shae Bynes is a fellow blogger, and real estate investor that rights about her and her husband’s adventures in real estate investing. Her blog is very insightful and a wealth of knowledge that no startup investor should pass up. Hopefully I can get her to subscribe to our blog so would be a great resource for knowledge. Also let me publicly say thank you to Charles Perkins
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Hello I'm Luis E Rojas
Age: 35

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself so that you may better get to know me. My hope is that through my blog postings and discussions we can learn more about each other more than an introductory paragraph can teach you. There is also my numerous past blogs that you can get insight into my personality and business real estate activities. But as in a summary format I’ve decided to use a “corporate profile” structure to further share.

Experience and Education:
Undergrad college: Miami Dade College
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Image hosted by
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Good evening Mr Gendernalik

I believe your skills and knowledge can be valuable to our small startup company focused on acquiring and managing single family homes. Our current strategy requires us to grow our operations through acquiring management operations and/or properties to rent. As you can probably guess this will be a cash heavy operation so raising funds, using online solutions such as or reviewing investment opportunities, creating financial objectives and goals are essential. We need a leader on the executive level that can adapt dynamically and understand...
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Dear Mr Dickover

Your technology services are intriguing your Enhancing Online Community Interaction and Incentives/Rewards for Participation in Knowledge Sharing Communities essays are brilliant resources for perspective and knowledge on community organizations. I have read such books as The Long Tail, Good Faith Collaboration, The Wisdom of Crowds, Irrationally Predictable, and believe that I can use an online forum presents to successfully create a profitable corporation. My vision is a successful collaboration using a mission to direct us. leadership to guide us, and a team who...
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I received a phone call from a tenant that asked for her boyfriend to be excluded from the lease because (as she stated) "she was the one that was paying the rent". I decided to wait for a conformation of rental payment before I address this, It seems that domestic issues between tenants are a substantial element to my time.
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The company formaly known as GoodFaith Properties is now GoodFaith Group. Our focus on acquisition like this compeditor >>
and management of properties thought our web Technology, strategic partnership and merger and acquisition's strategy.

I also will be posting Goals along with milestones on the calendar. Projects ahead are finding a fund raising CFO, write an official business plan, Develop a mission statement and much more.

This website is being developed...
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I've been in contact with a mortgage broker who said he can a no doc loan for %13.5 with no money out of my pocket.
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Getting the shower fixed fast, cheap, and to the tenants satisfaction.
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Okey look at this video first then read the next post >>

There's nothing more horrifying then waking up and not being able to shower.

Thanks for reading my post
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