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Ladies & Gentlemen,Please note that I am withdrawing as Counsel & Investor relations effective upon this posting. In defense of Luis, please note building a business is tough. Luis has been putting this together for over 6 months since I came along. The most difficult part of any business is having sufficient working capital to address expenses, costs, and payroll. As everyone knows, most businesses FAIL within the 1st three years due to 10 reasons. 1 through 9 being UNDERCAPITALIZATION. Number ten being MISMANAGMENT. Luis contacted each of you on oDesk or Guru hoping to extend his limited budget...
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Luis, Larry, Chizoba,As per instructions from Luis, I posted my 2 hours the week before last on the Events board. Last week's payroll is still outstanding and noone has followed through on collecting bank account coordinates to address this very important matter. Now another week has passed us by. Can you guys please update everyone how this is going to be addressed and when? Or will it be neccessary for everyone to go back and post their time on oDesk for last week and this week? I think I can safely say everyone would like this issue to be addressed YESTERDAY. This payroll issue is not one that...
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Over the last couple weeks things have developed in the Banking arena which will have a substantial impact on the real estate market. First, The Government has settled with Bank of America over the issues surrounding Country Wide and foreclosures. Bank of America is now gearing up to address the 2 million foreclosures which have been stopped. As I posted on our Forum for everyone to read, there are several hundred thousand people who have been living in their homes for over 24 to 36 months now without making any mortgage payments. And due to the number of foreclosure pending, this does not bode...
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Ladies & Gentlemen,
After discussions with Luis about the company's direction, before opening the Forum to discussing new business,the one thing that has never been addressed is a Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure, and Non-Compete Agreement. I brought to Luis a new opportunity which modifies the business plan. This service is seriously needed by banks & homeowners nationwide. But before proceeding on this new added direction, it would be in Luis' best interest to have everyone sign a Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure, and Non-Compete Agreement to protect any & all ideas and work all of us produce....
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Tenant shall be responsible for the total costs if re-decorations are accepted by landlord. All re-decorations must be done in a timely and professional manner. No re-decorations shall be made which may be offensive to the public. Tenants shall also be responsible for all costs to restore all re-decorations to its original state upon moveout.
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Another observation, on the issue of pets, tenants shall be responsible for any and all damages caused by their pets including carpet cleaning for pet urination, torn up baseboards, scratched paint, flea extermination. Tenants are also required to maintain all license requirements and keep all pet vacinations current. Tenants who are found to have pets without signing the pet addendum and paid the per pet fee shall be liable for breach of their contract and subject to doubling of pet fee as a penalty for intentional ommissions or misrepresentation and/or subject to eviction; which shall be the...
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Just an initial thought. I reviewed the Tenant Handbook. To avoid the collection problems, hot checks, filing costs to collect on bad checks, time to collect on bad checks, collection fees, attorney fees, legal process, etc., I would strongly suggest a company policy of receiving all payments by drop box, paypal, or direct deposit. Florida is extremely lenient on bad check writers. I know someone who wrote a bad check for a NEW $100,000 750 BMW. It took 18 months for the BMW dealership to go through the legal process to finally have the legal right start the auto repossession process. Under Florida...
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The Company is an internet based property management business. Competition includes publically traded real estate management companies such as REMAX, COLDWELL BANKER, CENTURY 21, PRUDENTIAL REAL ESTATE. All of these property management companies have vast numbers of staffed and independant licensed realtors, internet based services, call centers, and local offices nationwide. However, our property managment services can be distinguished from these competitors by the following: ________________________________________________________________________________________________
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Very good to speak with you again last Friday and I’m very grateful that you are on our forum and sharing your extensive knowledge with us. As we discussed I wanted to move forward on obtaining an LLC from the state of Texas and I look forward in working together on it. It is very important that any business we conduct be honest, fair and in good faith and obtaining limited liability status allows for the best flexibility. The structuring of the LLC and I’m sure a whole lot of questions about Taxes, Asset Protection, Anonymity, etc are all topics we can...
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Please find attached a copy of the Notices & Disclaimers section of the Business Plan. I left in the pieces that were part of the template and added the section you provided in "Other". Please feel free to edit this and make it the way it should be for the plan. We can discuss this on Monday.
Thanks, Larry
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The Company has only a limited history upon which an evaluation of its prospects and future performance can be made. The Company’s proposed operations are subject to all business risks associated with new enterprises. The likelihood of the Company’s success must be considered in light of the problems, expenses, difficulties, complications, and delays frequently encountered in connection with the expansion of a business, operation in a competitive industry, and the continued development of advertising, promotions and a corresponding customer base. There is a possibility that...
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Some of the statements contained in this BUSINESS PLAN, including information incorporated by reference, discuss future expectations, or state other forward looking information. Those statements are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, several of which are beyond the Company’s control, which could cause the actual results to differ materially from those contemplated by the statements. The forward looking information is based on various factors and was derived using numerous assumptions. In light of the risks, assumptions, and uncertainties involved, there can...
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The limited liability company (LLC) is a relatively new form of doing business in the United States (in 1988 all 50 states enacted LLC laws). The best way to describe an LLC is to explain what it is not. An LLC is not a corporation, a partnership nor is it a sole proprietorship. The LLC is a new hybrid that combines the characteristics of a corporate structure and a partnership structure. It is a separate legal entity like a corporation but it has entitlement to be treated as either a partnership, or as an S-Corp; for tax reporting purposes and therefore carries with it certain tax benefits...
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When a State requires a real estate license to manage property, there are basically 4 options.
(1) Comply with licensing requirements by securing real estate license; or
(2) Hire local Property Manager who holds a law license to supervise and manage; or
(3) Hire local Property Manager who holds real estate license to supervise & manage; or
(4) Own an equity interest in each property being managed.

The last option was a brilliant notion raised by Luis. The good news is there is no rule which states how much equity must be owned between the parties. Which means we could...
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The question was asked, "I would like to act as a property manager for clients but I don't have a real estate license can I enter into a lease agreement with the property owner, have equitable interest in the property there for act like a property manager?" The answer is a grey area and the ruling authority will try to prove a breach. The key is the ownership. It is generally understood that a party who owns property can manage his own property. Therefore, having some ownership in the property and a contract between the property owners where one manages on behalf of the other owners is within the...
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As I understand it, it has been suggested that eventually it is the intent to become a public company as a REIT. However, based on the various Blogs and business plan, our primary mission is to manage properties. This is not the business model or mission for REITs. Believe me, I have formed and capitalized several REITs. Therefore it is my question why a REIT? REITs are created to raise capital to ACQUIRE and PURCHASE real estate holdings. That may include acquisition of commercial properties, apartment units, hotels, casinos, resturants, retail strip malls, malls, single family homes. Is the thinking...
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After reviewing numerous blogs, a few things caught my attention. If it is the intention to eventually go public, the structure should follow what is typically recognized. These positions would be from the top down, the Chairman, Vice Chairman, CEO, President, General Counsel, President of Operations, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, VP of Marketing, VP of Product Development, etc. All positions report to the Chairman/Vice-Chairman and CEO. Except for the General Counsel, the Board of Directors determine who reports to who thereunder as there may be various Presidents for different...
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Ladies & Gentlemen.
My name is James Bradley. I shall be assisting to help address legal questions and provide direction. First a little about myself. I am an internationally licensed corporate transactional attorney. I currently am a founding partner for a Boutique law firm ( We provide general counsel services to small & medium businesses. I have also served as General Counsel for the MITSUBISHI-UTAGAWA TRUST, as GC for a Boutique Broker Dealer Venture Capital Company, and GC for a luxury condominium developer.In...
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i am here for any kind of web support.

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