Real Estate Property Managers in Miami-Dade & Broward Counties Florida
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I would like to suggest that we might consider a contest or drawing for earning cents that could be used to purchase shares in a company that we are helping to build together at some future date. It is important that all of us contribute ideas to this site and start to become "friends" with each other on this site and join together as a team. This will earn all of us "cents". Collaboration is the key to success for this business model as there is strength in the unity of everyone in the team. All of us have value and can contibute a lot to the success of the company. Let's get out...
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Attached are the suggestions for changes that Luis provided for updating the work product procedure.
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Please find attached a copy of the work product procedure for you to review. Please let me know if you need any additional information.
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Luis & Susan,
Attached is the final draft of the tenant handbook. I have tried to incorporate all of both inputs. I would like to discuss on Skype this Friday if that would work for everyones schedule.
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Here are ten questions that I obtained from a San Francisco property management company that I thought would be good information for everyone.

How to Vet a Property Management Company?

10 Essential Areas & the Questions Every Owner Should Ask

The responses to these questions will tell you a lot about the property management company you are considering doing business with, how proactive they are in the risk management of their own business, as well as the risk management of your property and their engagement and implementation of...
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Luis & Susan,
I found this handbook for tenants that is put out by a university there in Florida that was developed by a student and has been published for tenants. It helps to identify their rights and responsibilities in the rental process. It appears to have all of the items that I think you will need, so I am attaching it for your review. My thought is that we could just distribute this to the tenant at the time of signing the lease. Please review and provide your comments. If you still feel that we need to personalize one, then maybe we could use this as a model and add what ever...
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Luis & Susan,
Please find attached the draft procedure for the tenant process. I purposely kept it simple and did not include reference to a software or company so that it would be applicable to anyone or anything. I envision that we would create simple procedures like this one to handle each of the various senarios like public assistance, tenant rejection, property vacate notice etc. Please let me know what each of you think.
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i am not sure how to get to the attachment?
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Luis, you stated last week you changed the hourly to $50. I was surprised to find out you never did as you promised. Please explain?
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*Obtain holding place on website for department procedures
*Complete business plan draft

*Completed drafts for Notices & Disclaimers section of business plan
*Completed two department procedures, one for blogging activities and the other for budget withdrawl using debit cards
*Posted two articles on property management
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Please review this draft procedure for communicating our activities when we sign onto the company website. The purpose of this process to encourage all of us to utilize this website to inform our fellow employee members what activities are being worked on a weekly basis.
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I located this white paper on real estate management companies and thought it would be relevant for us to read this information. It is very informative.
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Please find attached a draft of the Notices & Disclaimers section of the business plan that has incorporated the changes James has recommended.
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The Company is an internet based property management business. Competition includes publically traded real estate management companies such as REMAX, COLDWELL BANKER, CENTURY 21, PRUDENTIAL REAL ESTATE. All of these property management companies have vast numbers of staffed and independant licensed realtors, internet based services, call centers, and local offices nationwide. However, our property managment services can be distinguished from these competitors by the following: ________________________________________________________________________________________________
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It would be good for everyone to load their avatar pictures into each of their profiles. I noticed that Luis has loaded his and it is great. We need to continually present a professional image to our customers.
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Please find attached a draft procedure for our budget withdrawl process that Luis asked me to develop. Please review and provide any comments.
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It is quite important for everyone to keep in mind that the Business Plan will be reviewed by both potential new employees, partners, bankers, and eventually investors. The Business Plan will be the majority of & "meat & potatoes" in any offering to investors. The 2 other extremely critical sections being the Financial Projections (for the egg heads, mathmeticians, analysts & bean counters), and the Legal Disclaimers. Therefore, it is very wise & prudent to draft a high quality business plan from the very start.
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Please review legal blog for further disclaimer information for the Business plan.
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I am going to attempt to provide one section each week for everyone's review of the business plan. Please feel free to offer comments, corrections and updates. We should save each update at a v1,v2,v3 etc so that we can keep control of the changes until it reaches final form. Luis, once you have the final form, we can post in google docs until all of the sections are completed. We then should be able to merge the contents all together and post it to the web for our investors.
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Here are the links for the property management profiles that we would have to pay for to understand the statistics for the business plan. This is a range for the costs based upon a google inquiry. The links are as follows:
If anyone...
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This next section has more information that is required but it appears that it is based upon an internet research we would have to spend some money to obtain the information. I do not know what you would like to do to move forward. This is your call. This is really research data that companies require you to purchase. If you know of some other place that data can be obtained, then we could utilize that information.
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Please find attached an updated Sales & Marketing section for the business plan.
Luis, Please add more information about yourself in the "who will sell section", quantities for the sales producing units table and the closing section after the table.
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Please find attached a copy of the section for Sales & Marketing of the Business Plan. There is still going to be some addtional information that needs to be populated into the plan but it will be good for everyone to review and comment. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them.
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Luis, I have taken your word document with the organization chart and converted it into a Power Point slide. We can update this as individuals come online into the organization. This can be pasted as a picture into any document that we create. I was thinking the business plan could use this type of slide.
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I had to spend a considerable amount of time to fix the document that you attached for the business plan. The attachment had pages not in the right order, fonts were mixed, paragraph structure was mixed, spelling errors, tables were nested and had to be redone, page numbers were incorrect on the table of contents and blank pages throughout the document. It appears the template that you had acquired had significant style formats embedded so that someone could not copy and paste their information into the document. I ended up recreating the document so that we have something to work...
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Please review the following attachment of our business plan template that needs to be filled in with the information requested. If there are any questions please feel free to contact me via Skype.
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Many people struggle with trying to define their Vision and Mission statements because they see them as the same thing. In reality they are very different and each one serves a very important place in defining who, what, when and where we are as part of the business plan. A Vision statement is defined as “Who are we? What do we want to be?” Vision is a compelling and widely held intent. The vision should be aligned to our Customer needs, and core ideology (core purpose and values). A shared vision is a starting point for effective strategic planning. In looking at a Mission statement we find...
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I am going to post some information that might be helpful for people who need to disseminate information to an audience of one to several individuals. When trying to communicate either oral or written here are a few pointers that people need to know when pulling information together to communicate. Studies have shown that individuals tend to learn differently either with the eyes, ears, voice or brain or a combination thereof. What is important is the information should be structured to show four key structures that being 1) Conceptual (What is the big picture?) 2) Practical (How does that apply...
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Please find attached one slide that I would like to use for discussion during our phone call on Wednesday.
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My name is Larry Allen and Luis has asked me to help the team pull together around our vision and mission statement. I am new to the team and all of you are probably wondering who I am. My background is in process engineering where I helped companies improve their processes. I would like to work with everyone to understand what we each believe our vision and mission statements are for the Good Faith Group. In order to accomplish this task I am providing some slides for each person to consider and review. This will help to focus our thoughts on the subject. Please let me know what...
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